@hales_worth looking forward to getting you in one of these packs! (at Toy Tokyo)


Until a kitchen’s stocked with Sweet Baby Ray’s, it’s just a room with some ovens.

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The dictionary defines chutzpah as:
“The personal confidence that allows one to do things that may seem shocking to others.
Gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, insolence, audacity, temerity, presumption plus arrogance”.
We could also define chutzpah as creativity.

pok pok tablecloth @hales_worth (at Pok Pok Ny)

Note to self: Learn how to make short video essays.

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Because I’ve never been. #firsttimewhitecastle #secondbrunch (at White Castle 100034)

If you are a traditional agency you’ll get pushed more and more out of the interesting things that are happening, because they are not designed to get close to the truth of the matter, which is the business of their clients. I think that the big agencies are becoming window dressing because clients don’t ask them to redesign the way they do business, and the way they do business is going to be the advertising for brands and companies. And the holding companies compound it because they don’t believe in innovation. I always thought that when you pitch, that is your R&D time, your opportunity to innovate. It’s the only time that you are completely free to think what would you do if you could do anything, without any constraints.

Alex Bogusky, on the future of advertising

Alex Bogusky, On The Next 510 Years In Advertising

Don’t need a same day comparison. I still love you better. #dontmess #inandoutdontcompare (at JFK International Airport- T4)

@epetersonad @justcallmefrancis @mattysasso @nardstagram @mattws saw a lady snapping a pic of this. see? People fucking love chickens in their ads! #stillnotlettingitgo #springfieldaddys #cvs #oldiebutgoodie (at JFK International Airport- T4)