"Cute" childhood gift from my parents found in my closet. Even as a kid I was pretty sure I wasn’t gay. #neverworn #donttellmomanddad (at tseng household)

NYC’s public zen fountain (at Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA)

Color trails are cool. Dunno what they’re about but I like em! (at Willamsburg Bridge)

(Source: youtube.com)

Been a while. #paintingagain #howdoidothisagain? (at Domino’s Pizza)

at Duck Duck

The work has to be enough. Your self-assessment has to matter more than anything else. You cannot allow externals to determine whether you should feel good or bad. You cannot allow their feedback to matter more than your own.

You have to be enough.

They got me! #stillworks #alcaponesoldtommygun (at NYPD Museum)

Ron with the gun that killed Frankie Yale. (at NYPD Museum)